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About us

Russian scientific journal "Transfusiology"

Year of foundation: 2000
Publication frequency: 4 issues per year
Circulation: 1,500 copies
Journal subscription code in the Russian Publishing House (Rospechat) catalog - 14526

ISSN 2221-4593

The Journal was registered on December 19, 2014 in The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Infornation Technology, and Mass Media. The Mass Media Registration Certificate PI № FS 77-60259.

The founder and publisher of journalThe National fund for assistance to medical institutions .

Alexander Victorovich Chechetkin is the journal’s chief editor, professor, Doctor of medical science and the director of Russian Research Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology of St. Petersburg.

Editorial Board

The Russian scientific journal "Transfusiology" covers actual problems of transfusiology, blood and blood components procurement, processing, storage and administration, laboratory research and donation. We are also focused on increasing safety in the process of procurement of blood and blood components.

Journal headings:

  • Donorship
  • Blood components
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Clinical transfusiology
  • Blood derived products and substitutes
  • Quality control
  • Legislation
  • Experience sharing
  • Book reviews
  • Letters to the editor
  • Events, conferences, seminars
  • Congratulations, announcements

The Journal would be interesting to the general public, transfusiologists, anesthetists, resuscitation specialists, surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists, cardiologists, oncologists and others.

Peer review and article publication regulations in "Transfusion" journal. 


of.16, 43g/8, Khoroshevsoe shosse, Moscow, Russia, 123308

e-mail: info@transfusion-web.ru


The content of the third issue 2022

The content of the second issue 2022

The content of the first issue 2022

The content of the  third issue 2021

The content of the  thirst issue 2021

The content of the  fourth issue 2020

The content of the  third issue 2020

The content of the  second issue 2020

The content of the first issue 2019

The content of the  fourth issue 2018

The content of the  third issue 2018

The content of the second  issue 2018

The content of the first issue 2018

The content of the fourth  issue 2017

The content of the third issue 2017

The content of the second issue 2017

The content of the first issue 2017

The content of the fourth issue 2016


The content of the fourth issue 2015

Transfusion transmitted infections in regular and first-time donors of blood and blood components

Safety of blood components in blood service establishments in Northwest federal of Russian Federation

Blood transfusion in solid organ transplantation

New on clinical application of plasma (information of the Symposium about plasma dedicated for direct clinical application)


The content of the third issue 2015

Blood service of Russian Federation in 2014: results of activity

Problems of bacterial safety of blood transfusion

Improvement of immunohematologic researches at republic blood transfusion station

The complex estimate of some functional indexes of donors having status «Honorary Donor of Russia»

Safety issues of donor’s blood and its components on 25-th regional Congress of International society for blood transfusion

Blood transfusion: new possibilities


The content of the second issue 2015

Erythrocytes inventory managenent in the regional blood service

Collection and safety of donor platelets in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Results of donors’ blood platelets concentrates cryopreservation at low and ultra-low temperatures

Efficacy of donor’s red blood cell transfusions in anemic patients with hematological malignancies

Modern technology of blood saving at arthroplasty

The use of gravitational plasmapheresis for newborns

Experience in using different methods of immunohaematological blood testing of donors and recipients in a general hospital


The content of the first issue 2015

Improvement of blood components supply of medical organization in Russian Federation

Methods of gemapheresis in the treatment of severe hyperlipidemia in pregnancy

Algorithm to ensure the risk group patients with CMV-seronegative blood components

Blood Service in South Korea: Past and Present


The content of the fourth issue 2014

Blood transfusion in Stavropol region

Gender, age and ethnic structure of the potential hematopoietic stem cells donors in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Improvement of preparation technologies and plasma safety in establishments of blood service

Benefits of pooled pathogen-inactivated plasma

New laboratory abilities in monitoring of antithrombotic treatment

Evolution of the blood transfusion in haemorragic fever

Blood donor deferral due to infections in Kabardino-Balkaria

The clinical and laboratory characteristics of postoperative drainage blood as a potential object for reinfusion in patients undergoing total hip or knee arthroplasty


The content of the third issue 2014

Activity of blood service establishments of Russian Federation in 2013

Donor plasma collection and platelet apheresis in Stavropol region

Metabolic changes in various prepared platelet concentrates during storage

Transfusion reactions: what Haemovigilance begins with

Plasma transfusion reactions

News in transfusion medicine (at congresses of the international society of blood transfusion in Cancun and Kuala-Lumpur)


The content of the second issue 2014

Efficiency estimation of blood service establishments activity on platelet concentrate collection

Evolution of blood donations in Kabardino-Balkaria

Contribution of professor S.V. Ryzhkov to development transfusiology (to a 95-anniversary from birthday)


The content of the first issue 2014

Improvement of the plasma preparation efficiency monitoring in blood service

Blood donation in blockade Leningrad


The content of the fourth issue 2013

Activity of Blood Transfusion Department in medical establishments in Russian Federation during 2010–2012

Residual risk of infections transmission by blood transfusion

Blood donorship and life. Correlations.

Intensification of activities designed to encourage donation of blood and blood components as an important social factor in the outpatient care of health of the city of Moscow

The Denmark blood service

Herpesvirus infections in clinical practice

Three problems of blood service efficiency. The Delphi method

Quality control of blood components: current state and future prospects in the Moscow blood service

Creating and using of information and technical support model of operative donor receiving at blood transfusion station. Relevance of the current situation


The content of the third issue 2013

Blood service in Russian Federation in 2012

Implementation results of the pilot project devoted to donors admission at sabbatical days «To help during my weekend...» in the Center of blood of Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia

Automation of whole blood processing

Blood service in Russian Federation in 2012

Guideline for red blood cells transfusion: new evidence

The opening of "The Donorship Planet" exhibition in Blood Center of FMBA of Russia

Evoiution of obtaining platelets concentrates from pooling buffy coats in blood bank №2 “Sanguis”, Yekaterinburg

Guidelines for blood platelets transfusion: new evidence


The content of the second issue 2013

Blood components donation in Russian Federation

Organizational aspects of viral safety of donated blood and blood products in Kazakhstan.

Red blood cells antigen phenotype and sensitization index of the blood components donors in the city of Astana

Transfusion-related immunomodulation. Clinical effects and mechanisms of action

Failure mechanism of energy metabolism during hypoxia and possible ways to correction of fumaratecontaining solutions

Liposomal nanosistems from soy-bean phospholipids as container for drugs

Transfusion-related immunomodulation. Clinical effects and mechanisms of action


The content of the first issue 2013

Quarantine of fresh frozen plasma in blood service in Russian Federation

Analytical findings and solutions to problems blood donation(components) based survey (questionnaire) donors blood transfusion services DZ Moscow

Research of the donor functional condition after Automatic plateletpheresis

Technology capabilities of meeting the requirements of a cold chain in the central regional hospital

Comparative analysis of open and closed circuit systems for screening donated blood for bloodborne infection

From standards of blood for the profiled bed to the patient blood

Guideline for red blood cells transfusion: new evidence

Analysis of the clinical use of blood components containing erythrocytes in Kochubey centraldistrict hospital of the Stavropol Territory

Plasma transfusion in Nevinnomyssk municipal hospital

Blood service: regulation and development


The content of the fourth issue 2012

Blood and plasma donations in Tula region

Blood collection in healthcare system of Tula region

Development of non-remunerated blood donors activities

Express protocol use in the plasma obtaining procedure at the unit of automatic plasmapheresis PCS2

Cryopreservation of platelets. Technological approaches of freezing and quality control methods (literature survey).

On the issue of the blood component additional marking for the case history

Features hla-antigens in patients with acute and chronic leukemia in Astana city

Information on the scientific and practical conference «Actual problems of industrial and clinical transfusiology»


The content of the third issue 2012

Current status of the blood and blood components donorship in Russian federation

Red cell antibody testing requirements for blood donor


The content of the second issue 2012

The state and development prospects of red blood cells cryopreservation in blood service of Russian Federation

Blood transfusion in liver or heart transplantation in Belarus

Regional approach to the problem of providing for the donation safety

Medical-technical features of carrying out automated platelet apheresis at donors

Blood service: quantity and quality

News in evidence-based transfusion medicine

How many times is it necessary to determinate patient’s blood type?

To the 60 anniversary of Station of blood transfusion of the city of Moscow


The content of the first issue 2012

Results of realization of actions for propagation Gratuitous donor service of blood According to the City target program «Development of a donor service of blood and its components» for 2009–2010 in the city of Moscow

Provision the infection safety of blood donation and prevention the blood donor’s deferral in Belarus

Herpesvirus infections and the problems of infectious safety of haemotransfusions in immunosuppressed patients (review)

Increasing of red blood cells transfusions effectiveness on regular audit basement

Hemopure – blood substitute with gas transportation function. New word in transfusiology

News in transfusion medicine (at the XXI Regional Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion)


The content of the fourth issue 2011

Activity of blood banking in Russia in 2010

News in transfusion medicine (at the XXI Regional Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion)

Evolution of evidence-based plasma transfusions

Influence of fulleren based nanophotosensibilisators on donor plasma bloodcloting properties in pathogen inactivation processing

About quality of platelet concentrates

Regional registry of blood recipients

Experience and conduct of blanks autologous autotransfusion in surgical interventions in patients with vascular pathology

Thrombelastography as a basis of transfusion inacute traumatic coagulopathy


The content of the third issue 2011

Algorithm of activization of donor movement аmong students and cadets of educational institutions of Moscow

Documents for blood center quality system

New tool for blood center quality management

Blood transfusion programme for Crymean hemorragic fever

Estimation of qualitative and quantitative provision in infusiontransfusion therapy of sharp loss of blood with obstetric bleedings

Breach of state system haemostasis with obstetrics bleedings and their correction

A research of some oxidative-antioxidative system’s characteristics of donor blood, depending on the concentration of injected saline (physiologic saline, mafusolum) and colloidal (Polyoxidin, Polyoxifumarin) solutions of blood substitutes, was made in model experiments “in vitro”

Antigens distribution characteristics of the major histocompatibility complex of the I class of children with solid malignant tumors

Preliminary screening of blood donor alaninaminotransferase activity has been lost its economical ef ficacy


The content of the second issue 2011

The role of the scientific research in the development of the blood transfusion service of armed forces of Russia (Dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Blood and Tissue Research Department of the Kirov Military Medical Academy)

Anent the quality control of leukodepleted blood components containing RBC


The content of the first issue 2011

Effect of the ozone-oxygen mixture on the coagulogram parameters of donor plasma

Diagnostic significance of alaninaminotransferase detection in donors blood

The influence of leukocyte filtration on haemostatic properties of donor’s plasma

The use of state-of-the-art methods of red blood cells typing with the Rhesus system among pregnant women and their children in order to optimize the diagnostics and treatment of rhesus-immunization in newborn children

State of art in blood service and transfusion medicine

Blood transfusion demography

Blood bag quality has an influence on effectiveness of blood center

The assurance of the infectious safety in Lipetsk Region Blood Service

Transfusion World Convergention


The content of the fourth issue 2010

Blood banking in Russia: the present state and prospects

The use of the test of the activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) in the laboratory practice

Modernization of bacterial safety in transfusion medicine

Historical aspects of development of donor movement

Evolution of blood component transfusions in Krasnoyarsk region


The content of the third issue 2010

The method of preparation of leukodepleted washed red blood cells

Some aspects of safety when performing automated thrombocytapheresis of donors

Special considerations of the preparation of RBC suspension from filtered preserved blood

Benchmarking of outdated red blood cells wastage in hospitals

Results of an external quality assessment scheme for laboratories performing blood grooping during 2007–2008 years

Effectiveness of different methods of autotransfusion in patients with total hip replacement